Postanowienia na nowy rok

The end of the year is a good time to sum up. As every year, we stop for a moment to think about what happened and what to do next. We sit down over a piece of paper, which, after an in-depth analysis, begins to fill up with new resolutions and goals. Finally, the symbolic midnight strikes, and we enthusiastically set about implementing them. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm usually lasts for a few days, maybe weeks. Time passes and ambitious resolutions become more and more covered with dust. We will probably come back to them next year. Why are we so rarely able to persevere in achieving our goals?

We often have too many expectations for ourselves and our lives. Most of them are resolutions based on immediate results. We want to become someone completely different overnight. We want to get up from the couch and run a marathon, we want to lose weight, we want to be more orderly, systematic and hardworking. We forget that any change takes time and effort. After all, nothing will do itself. In order to get closer to the implementation of the resolutions, not only the New Year’s ones, it is necessary to think carefully and plan.


You can find the entire article in Magazyn Bieganie (January – February 2017).

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