Eliza Czyżewska - Psycholog

Hello, nice to see you! My name is Eliza Czyżewska. I am a psychologist, sports psychologist, meditation instructor, QEC Practitioner, TRE® Provider, and also a trainer of EFT and Cellular EFT Techniques.

I am a member of the Polish Psychological Association and the Polish Association TRE®.

My areas of activity:

  • work with excessive stress,
  • traumas and fears
  • work with difficult life events
  • QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching)
  • EFT and Cellular EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
  • TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)
  • sport psychology
  • mental training / psychoeducation
  • HR consulting and career counseling
  • relaxation and meditation training

Selected courses and trainings:


  • Specialization in Applied Social Psychology

Psychology of Sport

  • Postgraduate studies

QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching)

  • QEC Practitioner Certification training.
  • Advanced Speciality Training – Trauma and addiction.
  • Advanced Speciality Training – Working with medical conditions (06.2022)


  • Coaching training EFT i Cellular EFT


  • Certified TRE® training with Joanna Wołoszczuk, TRE® trainer in Poland.
  • The Art by TRE®. Advanced TRE® Supervision with the creator of the method – David Berceli.
  • Working with trauma in children of all ages. Advanced TRE® Supervision with Melanie Salmon.
  • Resilience – TRE® Training Supervision with Joanna Wołoszczuk, TRE® trainer in Poland.


  • Meditation instructor, course led by Maciej Wielobób.


  • MBSR Course – Mindfulness Based Stres Reduction.
  • MBCL Course – Mindfulness Based Living Course.

Recall Healing® / Total Biology®

  • Recall Healing®/Total Biology® Level 1 with dr Michelle Schrader.
  • Recall Healing®/Total Biology® The Full Body with dr Michelle Schrader.
  • Recall Healing®/Total Biology® – Weight Workshop with dr Michelle Schrader. (Overweight, Underweight, Anorexia, Bulimia and Other Related Digestive Disorders)

Project and human resource management

  • Human Resource Management – certified course.
  • Building a team, managing a team and improving leadership skills in managing a team.
  • Project management.

Additional Courses

  • Ayurvedic Psychology Course.
  • “5 laws of nature” – training in Germanic medicine – level I.
  • “Recover the Body” – Lowen Method work-based training.
  • “Little Estate” – method work training organized by the Numen Foundation.


Each of us is made up of a bodily, emotional and spiritual element.Therefore, I look at every element of life or difficulty that we experience holistically, combining knowledge and experience from many areas.For many years I have been exploring the knowledge of dealing with excessive stress, anxiety and trauma.

In my work, I include breathing and meditation techniques, the QEC, EFT, and TRE® methods – exercises to relieve trauma, stress and tension retained in the body, which are used in many areas of psychological work.

I also conduct mental training and mental preparation training for athletes, which includes such elements as: coping with pressure and excessive stress, building self-esteem, self-confidence, concentration, goal setting, building a personal brand and motivation.