How I work?

I am a psychologist, sports psychologist, meditation instructor, QEC Practitioner, TRE® Provider, and also a trainer of EFT and Cellular EFT Techniques.

For many years I have been exploring the knowledge of dealing with excessive stress, anxiety and trauma. I strongly believe that each of us is made up of a bodily, emotional and spiritual element. Therefore, I look at every element of life or difficulty that we experience holistically, combining knowledge and experience from many areas.

I support my clients on their way to healing and a good life. I teach acceptance, peace and joy. I am talking about psychology and a good, simple life. Because life is a great adventure that is worth experiencing as best as possible.

I invite you to use the materials posted on this website, and if you feel that at this point in your current life you need support, please contact me.

The rules to follow during cooperation

If you want to take advantage of psychological sessions and start working with me, please read the rules to follow during our cooperation. If they are in line with your life, contact me and we will arrange the details together.


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QEC (Quantum Energy Coaching)

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EFT and Cellular EFT

EFT or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a new branch of psychotherapy, the so-called energy psychotherapy. It is a combination of conversation and focus on the problem with an energy intervention based on the basics of Chinese medicine. Chinese medicine says that in the human body there are meridians (energy channels) on which acupuncture points are located. In EFT, by tapping, we introduce vibration into these points, which releases blockages. EFT works because it is probably the only method in the world that affects all our areas: body, mind, emotions, and you might be tempted to say that it also affects our spiritual aspects. EFT clears our problem in all these fields.

TRE Practice

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) is a set of exercises that help reduce stress and tension in the body. During exercise, neurogenic tremors set off in the body, which are regulated by the person exercising them. These tremors are a natural and innate mechanism found in all mammals. They appear in difficult situations, during times of intense stress, when we feel cold or experience great pleasure. We often associate this “quake” with something uncomfortable, with a weakness that our body shows in this way, and it is the most natural form of discharging too much tension. TRE® exercises remind the body that trembling is good and can afford it, thereby releasing too much tension, held back emotions and stress.

Sport Psychology

Sports psychology is a science that focuses on working to improve the sports achievements and personal development of both competitive and amateur sportsmen. Increasingly, athletes include mental training in their sports training. In professional sport, four spheres are distinguished, which are worked on to achieve the level of maximum achievements of the player. These are the physical, technical, tactical and psychological spheres. At the master level, the differences in training in the first spheres are practically imperceptible now, and the victory is often determined by mental preparation.

Relaxation training

Perhaps you often feel nervous, you sleep poorly, you have a racing mind in your head, you sweat, you cannot stand still. Your body is working at high speed. You can’t concentrate. What if you had the skills that would help you achieve the state of optimal arousal, thanks to which you will be able to reduce tension, calm down your thoughts and focus on the goals you have set yourself? Here, relaxation techniques come in handy, which can be successfully used both in sports and in everyday life. Relaxation is exercises that help us achieve the optimal state of arousal. Thanks to them, we can relax mentally and physically.

Psychological consultations

You may be browsing this page out of curiosity, or perhaps because you are looking for help, understanding, or support in the difficulties you are currently experiencing. Perhaps someone close to you is in need of help, and you don’t know what best you can do in this situation. Or maybe you just need a change because your everyday life has turned gray and overwhelming. There are dozens of reasons why you are here. Psychological consultations help to look at the difficulty more broadly, sometimes from a completely different perspective, help to understand what is happening in you, in your emotions. They help to organize the topics that disturb us, calm down our thoughts and the worried body. And sometimes boldly and with power they help to move forward.

HR consulting and career counseling

For seven years I have been undertaking activities and cooperation in the field of human resource management. As part of my work, I was responsible for the following areas: employer branding, competency management, as well as recruitment and training. Today, with my knowledge and experience, I support: people looking for their professional path, people discovering their passions, opportunities and talents, people in crisis / at risk of professional exclusion, entrepreneurs looking for proven solutions and opportunities in the field of human resource management.