For many years I have treated my dream maps with a pinch of salt. Until I created my first map. Over the next months, I realized everything I put on it, repeatedly rubbing my eyes with amazement.

From then on, I am happy to prepare another map every year. Without tension, with curiosity, confidence and peace. At the same time, I strongly believe that its implementation helps me follow the path that I set for myself each year.


What is a dream map?

A dream map is a visual representation of our dreams, plans and goals for a specific period set by us: it can be a year, two years, or even more (I personally feel that a year is the minimum period for which it is worth creating). We create it on a square divided into 9 equal squares, called the Bagua grid (from Feng Shui, an ancient practice of planning space to achieve compliance with the natural environment *), each of which corresponds to a specific zone of our life. While working on a dream map, we give our goals, plans and dreams a very specific form.


How can a map help us?

From a psychological and motivational point of view, the map is a signpost for our mind that directs us to the place we want to reach / what we want to achieve. Exactly the same as when we use a traditional map, directing us to a specific place in the field. The use of visual forms (e.g. photos, drawings) makes it easier for our mind to imagine these things, places and situations. In this way, the brain “focuses” on specific topics, and this makes it easier for us to implement them.


Gravity law

If we look at the dream map from the more energetic side, according to the “theory” it is a magnet for the implementation of our plans and goals. Since, according to the law of attraction, we are able to manifest in our lives everything that we think about, such a colorful dream map is a great tool for communicating and reminding the universe what we want. And while I love the concept of the law of attraction and believe that everything in our world is energy, and everything affects everything, this manifestation is not so simple. While I am absolutely sure that we are able to manifest a lot (if not all) in our lives, in practice there are usually many obstacles on our way: unworked traumas, blockages, unconscious beliefs, stereotypes or past experiences, etc. And the word “unconscious” is important here. Very often we are not aware of them and it is difficult for us to notice certain patterns and blockades that guide us in our lives. And I am deeply convinced that as long as the “path to the goal” is not “clear” the mere manifestation is not enough. Very often in energy currents we hear that “if something is not in your life, it means that it is blocked in some way.” Indeed, I have been observing this in my work for many years, and I know that “unlocking these areas” is not always a simple and obvious topic, and sometimes even impossible at a given moment.


Believe you can have it

Over the last few years I have noticed that dreaming and “believing” is one of the most important steps in planning a map. Many times I saw someone creating a map, all the time saying “I know it won’t happen anyway”, “it’s nonsense and I won’t get it anyway”. I do not have any evidence for this, but I feel that, indeed, such planning has no chance of being implemented or the chance is negligible. Why? One of the reasons is the lack of willingness to take any steps towards specific dreams. Due to the lack of faith in the success of the venture, the feeling that I do not deserve it, this is not for me, it is silly, it is dangerous – these are just some of the unconscious beliefs we can carry about our past experiences.

Therefore, when starting to prepare your own map, check if you believe that what you dream about, even if it is completely crazy, can come true? Why not? 🙂


Well then, what’s all this for …

Regardless of which views and theories are closer to us. Creating a dream map takes relatively little time and has many benefits.

For me, it is a great signpost pointing to:

  • in which direction I am going
  • what is important to me
  • where I want to be next year
  • who I want to be in a year
  • what goals I want to achieve
  • what places I want to visit
  • what investments do I plan

…in the most important areas of my life.

All this on one sheet. Colorful, accessible, nice to look at. Every year I have a moment when, in the heat of my duties, my goals dissolve somewhere and I feel that I am starting to wander, unable to determine the direction. Then I reach for the map. I look and immediately get in touch with what I need and take specific actions. What if I fail to accomplish or achieve something? I always ask myself then. Why? What was in the way? Or maybe I didn’t really want it? This is a very interesting area to explore.


Dream, plan and act

However, I am aware that just creating a dream map, hanging it on the wall and looking at it may not be enough (although I leave this margin, events that elude logical explanations and I have often experienced them myself, such as a completely unplanned change of home, which but it did happen). In order to make dreams come true and achieve goals, you need to take action: for example, we can plan to learn Spanish within a year, and ok, only probably just by looking at a dream map, without training … we will not get much from it. We can also dream that we will run a marathon. However, it is difficult to do it without running or even signing up to participate in such an event. Also, apart from dreaming, seeing and visualizing, we need to act.


So how do you create a dream map?

If you feel the urge to create your own map, we go to action.

To create your own map you will need:

  • a sheet of paper / one or two – you can also create a map in a graphics program and print /
  • pens / markers / glue / scissors
  • color magazines / the more the better – for the traditional version
  • time to prepare a map – depending on how you approach the topic, it may take you from 2 hours to even several days.


  • Take a piece of paper and a pen / markers / colored markers.
  • Use the template – the Bagua grid, which you can find below. This is my favorite division into 9 areas in our lives. Print the template or use the online version.
  • Think about what you want to accomplish within a given time frame in these areas. Sit for a moment on each area, start with the one that is easiest for you, or you have the most dreams in that area. And think about what you dream about: what / and you want to be / how you want to feel / what you want to have / where you want to go / what you want to learn / what qualities you want to possess. It may happen that in one area you have a ton of dreams and plans, and in another, nothing comes to mind at the moment. And ok. Focus on what you want.
  • Allow yourself to dream, do not limit yourself, do not judge. The dream map has the advantage that you can afford any madness. Do you dream of a vacation in the Maldives, a new car, a romantic relationship? Go ahead, believe it’s possible and see what happens.
  • Write down everything you want to achieve in certain areas on a piece of paper, e.g. very specific dreams, such as: going on vacation to Masuria, buying a new bike, signing up for an English course, passing a driving test, building a house, and more developmental ones: be self-confident, motivated, calm, eat healthy, meditate, have a healthy complexion, have good relations with friends, meet the love of your life …
  • Check your notes, organize, where possible specify them, if necessary, rewrite them cleanly.


  • Traditional or digital – the map can be created in a traditional version – pasted on or in an electronic version – created in a graphics program. In my opinion, both have the same effect 🙂
  • Use sheet – Divide the sheet into areas as in the template.
  • Choose pictures – And now for each goal you have saved on your previous sheet, find the picture / picture that best represents or symbolizes it. You can also write or draw something. Maybe a photo of a specific car? A specific place you want to visit? A photo of happy people, symbolizing harmony and happiness in a relationship? Choose the photos you like by carefully examining them and making sure they relate to your dreams and goals.
  • Pay attention to details: I have a lot of freedom in this, but I think that when choosing photos it is worth paying attention to details, our brain will certainly do it. ) If you want to use photos of famous people whom you want to model yourself on, pay attention to all their characteristics and history. And be specific about what characteristics of a person you value and what you want to see in your life.
  • Stick selected photos / enter keywords / draw symbols based on the template, try to place them in the same areas. I really like this scheme, it organizes the world for me and

And what next?

Place the finished map in a place that you will visit frequently. It is best when it is within sight, e.g. above the desk, next to the bed. I know that sometimes (for many reasons) it is impossible, so I often have a rolled map and I try to check it at least once a week. Wondering what to do next. It gives me the feeling that I am directing my energy exactly where I want. And this helps me to pursue my dreams, goals and plans.

For me, a dream map is in part a starting point for planning specific goals and ways to achieve them. More on this topic can be found in the text: And where do you want to go? To which I cordially invite you. And in part, I paste everything I dream about on it and check what will happen in these areas. 🙂

I wish you a lot of fun with the realization of your personal dream map. If you have any questions while reading the text or creating a map, feel free to let me know.