Medytacja - uważność oddechu

I came across mindfulness training a few years ago when I found the book Mindfulness – Mindfulness Training *. I read it and put it on the shelf. Busy with everyday life and ticking off subsequent tasks, I did not find time to delve into his practice. I reached for the same book again four years ago. I was recovering from my illness, my anxious thoughts raced, and I didn’t know how to stop them. The only thing I dreamed about was a moment of peace.

It was then that I understood that I would not stop thinking that it was not the case at all. Thoughts are flowing. They come and go. Just like the clouds in the sky. All we can do is observe them and let them flow. Since then, I have left my daily practice several times, and then returned with the same racing of thoughts and anxiety. I needed time to feel and experience. I needed time to notice that in today’s world it is difficult to find peace and quiet. You have to take care of them every day.


What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is literally “full mind”, “full awareness” or “mindful presence”. It is being attentive right now, without judging or judging. And you probably find it obvious when you read this. After all, we are all present here and now. And yet. Have you ever driven home by car and not remembering a second of the distance traveled? Enter the room and forget what for? Playing with your child and at the same time remembering a row at work? Take a walk and mentally plan your activities for the evening? Lie down on the mat and totally float away into the dream world? Sit with your friend for a coffee and catch yourself not listening? Our body is definitely here and now, but our thoughts are constantly circulating somewhere.


Mindfulness is full awareness of the moment.

It is being all the attention at the moment.

It is the feeling of tasting the food we eat.

This is the singing of birds that we hear while walking.

It is the warmth of the sand that we touch while walking on the beach.

It is feeling your own body while exercising.

It is full focus on the task we perform.

It is watching everyday life and admiring the moment.



If you want to read more about mindfulness – I invite you to the post – Mindfulness – mindfulness training. Recently, an interesting document HEADSPACE: MEDITATION has appeared on Netflix, which in an accessible and interesting way introduces you to the world of meditation. I highly recommend!


Practice: Mindfulness of the Breath

This is one of my favorite practices. I use it very often when I have little time and need to take a break. See what it will be like for you, right where you are, right at the moment you are listening to it.

Observe it with curiosity. I invite you to practice together – you can listen to it here or on SoundCloud.