Depresja a uprawianie sportu

Many studies show that people who engage in regular physical activity feel better and experience lower mood less frequently. For some reason, however, we encounter anxiety and depressive symptoms more and more often among people practicing sports, both amateur and professional. It turns out that the same activity that can have a wonderful impact on our well-being can backfire in some circumstances. So when does activity, including running, support the treatment of depressive disorders, and when can it contribute to them? 


More than sorrow

Depression is a disease, it is much more than the sadness, malaise or temporary depression that we often experience in our lives. WHO (World Health Organization) recognized it as the fourth most common disease in the world, it is estimated that about 10-20% of people experience it. In depression, “we observe long-term depression and disturbance of mood and inhibition of human mental activity.” * It is a state of deep overwhelming, in which the depressed mood continues and the brain is flooded with negative thoughts, feelings of guilt, shame, lack of meaning or helplessness. People suffering from depression often do not have access to positive memories or thoughts, they lose the motivation to perform any daily activities, work, or meet friends. They are often accompanied by a feeling of “staying in the dark” which draws them in and from which they cannot get out. Occasionally they experience suicidal thoughts that may lead to a suicide attempt. The symptoms of depression also include problems with sleep, lack of appetite, decreased libido, memory and concentration disorders, as well as anxiety and anxiety. The causes of depression are seen in many factors, including genetic factors, the presence of various diseases (e.g. thyroid disease), the lack of vitamins and minerals, and, above all, the occurrence of stressful life events. Each of us experiences many difficult situations, sometimes there is something that “tilts the scales”, something that we are no longer able to contain. We stop seeing the way out of a difficult situation, we remain numb, feeling pointless and helpless.

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