Ćwiczenia TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)

TRE® Exercises (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises) are a set of exercises that help reduce stress and tension in the body. During exercise, neurogenic tremors are triggered in the body, which are regulated by the person performing them. These tremors are a natural and innate mechanism found in all mammals. They appear in difficult situations, during intense stress, when we are cold or we experience great pleasure. We often associate this “quake” with something uncomfortable, with the weakness that our body shows in this way, and this is the most natural form of releasing too much tension. TRE® exercises remind the body that tremors are good and can afford them, and thus release too much tension, stopped emotions and stress.


For whom:

We recommend TRE® exercises to people who have experienced trauma, whether on a physical or emotional level, or to people who experience stressful situations in everyday life. TRE® is especially used for people who perform high stress jobs: soldiers, rescuers, firemen, teachers, psychologists, doctors and event managers. As well as for people practicing sports, as well as performing various types of physical activity (dance, gymnastics, yoga, etc.), exercises help regulate and relax the body after physical effort and psychophysical tensions.


Benefits of practicing TRE®:

  • reduction of stress and tension symptoms
  • relaxation – even for permanently strained people
  • reducing the level of anxiety and anxiety
  • mute the thoughts
  • improving sleep quality
  • improving the work of internal organs
  • regulation of the endocrine system
  • help in returning to “here and now”
  • restoring fitness after injuries and operations
  • increase of body elasticity
  • increasing energy levels and immunity
  • reduction of pain
  • support in the process of psychotherapy
  • improving relationships with loved ones, in relationships


Contraindications to the use of TRE®:

  • pregnancy, postoperative condition, fractures, joint strain;
  • requiring consultation: pharmacologically treated psychiatric diseases (including deep depression, schizophrenia), blood pressure disorders, hypo / hyperglycemia, epilepsy, cardiac disorders (arrhythmia, pacemaker, operations).



Website of the creator of the method – David Bercela: www.traumaprevention.com

The website of the Polish TRE® Association: www.tre-pomagamy.pl