I strongly believe that each of us is made up of a bodily, emotional and spiritual element.Therefore, I look at every element of life or difficulty that we experience holistically, combining knowledge and experience from many areas.For many years I have been exploring the knowledge of dealing with excessive stress, anxiety and trauma.

In my psychological work I include breathing techniques, meditation, mindfulness, the QEC, EFT and Cellular EFT methods, and TRE® – exercises that relieve trauma, stress and tension retained in the body, which are used in many areas of psychological work.

If you want to take advantage of psychological sessions and start working with me, please read the rules that I follow in my work.

If they are in line with what you follow in your life, contact me and we will arrange the details of cooperation together.


Operating mode:

Until the end of 2022, I work exclusively online.



A single session lasts 60 minutes or 90 minutes.

The length of the session is set individually before the start of cooperation.


The frequency of meetings:

We set the frequency of the sessions individually, depending on the needs and possibilities.

Sessions may be held once a week or once for two weeks. In exceptional circumstances, we can set a different frequency together. The length of the therapy depends on the complexity of the topic and the individual pace of the client’s work, sometimes just a few meetings are enough, and sometimes we need much more time and space.

When starting cooperation, we arrange a specific interval, day and time of meetings.

If the client does not show up twice within the agreed time without giving any reason, the arranged time will be canceled. And another one can be designated if available.



We start the session punctually at a pre-agreed time. Each time I wait 15 minutes for the client to report via the selected communication platform, if the client does not report within this time, the session is canceled. In case of delay, the client pays for the entire session, the session will not be extended. If the session is delayed because of me, I undertake to carry out the entire session within the agreed time period or to extend the next session by the “missing” time.


Payment for sessions:

The cost of a 60-minute session is PLN 200.

The cost of a 90-minute session is PLN 250.

Session prices for clients continuing therapy remain unchanged.

Payments for the session should be made in advance before the session or package for the entire month, by bank transfer to the account number:

Strefa Psychologii Eliza Czyżewska

ING / 89 1050 1722 1000 0092 8260 0551

Title: psychological help

Failure to pay for the session is also the session cancellation.



If you need an invoice for the sessions, let me know.


Canceling sessions / holidays and departures:

If you decide to cancel the meeting, please let me know as soon as possible. Perhaps someone else will be able to take advantage of this time. I also undertake to inform about my absence at least 1 week in advance. The exceptions are random and health situations.


Confidentiality of Information

I am obligated to keep confidential all information obtained from you during the session, as well as the fact that you are using psychological sessions.

The exception is a situation where your or third parties’ life or health is in danger, or in situations defined by law. Working with other specialists (e.g. psychiatrist, physiotherapist) always with your consent – I provide only the necessary information.


Psychological contract

During the first meeting, we jointly establish the psychological contract of our meetings.

In situations where the client breaks the commonly agreed rules, I can decide to end the cooperation.



During meetings, we use a pre-established communicator.

We arrange the details individually. Before the meeting, please contact me to add to contacts.