For seven years I have been undertaking activities and cooperation in the field of human resource management.

As part of my work, I was responsible for the following areas:

  • employer branding: monitoring the level of employee satisfaction, improving internal communication processes, onboarding, participating in projects aimed at students, implementing a socially responsible company’s policy, organizing corporate events.
  • competency management: developing and conducting the process of periodic employee appraisal, managing the competency database, co-workers’ CV database, and the training database.
  • recruitment and training
  • I cooperated and co-created leading HR knowledge online services: HRstandard and Places for the exchange of knowledge, good practices and experience in the field of human resource management.

Today, with my knowledge and experience, I support:

  • people looking for their professional path
  • people discovering their passions, possibilities and talents
  • people in crisis / at risk of professional exclusion
  • entrepreneurs looking for proven solutions and opportunities in the area of ​​human resource management.